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Branding, websites & graphics for advocacy and social change.

Intuition first, information second.

Design is essential for connecting, especially when your message is necessary for reconstructing society or improving the human experience. I use my colorful lived experience and 15 years as a designer to create deeply effective branding, websites and graphics that inspire action.

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“…people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou
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Nice words from kind people

Bibi Dowell is a dedicated and creative designer. Always having her finger on the beating pulse of the design industry, she is a great resource for up to-date, hip inspirational creative. Her positive attitude and easy going personality, makes her a great team player. I am confident that Bibi will prove to be an asset to any creative team or project.

Bibi is a phenomenal, compassionate creator. She brings her sense of style and a deep understanding of each client’s needs to everything she works on. Her design skills help to elevate and shine the spotlight on individuals and small companies that are making a difference, and she truly invests herself in each project. I’m confident that anyone who works with Bibi is in good hands!

Bibi Dowell & I first met creating great graphic design together, side-by-side. Her drive, talent & consistent, extraordinary creative ability along with her technological know-how were immediately evident… & so blossomed our continuing work relationship. I have recommended MANY clients to Bibi, not only because of the innovative design offered, but also ethics — not easily found these days. One merely has to visit the site to experience its creative genius so cohesively fused with fluent web mastery. I highly recommend Bibi Dowell, both professionally & personally.

Bibi is a great asset to our agency. She’s equally comfortable building a brand with minimal direction, and working hand-in-hand with our in-house designers, which is perfect for us because our projects are always changing. And her pattern design is 😍! Bibi can definitely bring your design vision to life.

Teri Joe, Art Director / Designer

Nonconformity FTW

What is true dissent? Why does it exist? Dissent exists because of a disconnection. A disconnected feeling from your true self, your essence.

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Little Laughs

I’ve been in therapy. I know enough about myself now to know that I really don’t need to know anymore.

Larry David

Why would women want to go to a gym if there were no men there watching them and judging them?

Homer Simpson

How embarrassing to be human.

Kurt Vonnegut

One good thing about New York is that most people function daily while in a low-grade depression.

Mindy Kaling

And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.

Michael Scott

All life stinks and you must embrace that with compassion.

Joseph Campbell